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hiring process [breakdown]

Complete Guide-Video

If interested in a detailed description of the VIPKID hiring process 2019, watch this video.


The only way you’ll know if VIPKid is the right job for you is if you try! Take that first step and create your account HERE.

Watch this video to make sure you are filling in your basic information correctly.

Review the VIPKid teaching requirements HERE


Applicants can choose between two interview options on the VIPKid portal. For more (easier) options, make sure you have added code JENNI0139 under the ‘my account’ tab found on your VIPKid portal.

live demo option

Pick a time slots, download materials and prepare, show up on time to interact with a VIPKid representative for your demo lesson. Make sure you are aware of the time zone. Your meeting will be 30 minutes long. You’ll first introduce yourself to your interviewer and have a friendly Q&A for a few minutes. Once you are ready, you will then begin your 10 minute demo lesson, treating your interviewer as your student. Before the end of your meeting, you will be able to receive feedback and guidance towards the next steps in the hiring process.

recorded demo option

You will record a 10-min demo inside the classroom by clicking "Start Recording" button, after you finish your demo, click submit and exit the classroom. The classroom will be open for 2 hours once you click “start recording.” so you can go back and record again if you want. The demo will be submitted automatically, detailed feedback and result will be sent to you via email. Consider introducing yourself and telling them about any teaching background you might have with children (about 1 minute)

Teaching Prep

Familiarize yourself with the VIPKid platform and teaching practices of an online ESL teacher.

Learn the fundamentals of: TPR, Student Output, Speed & Language, supplementary tools, etc.

Additional resources to help you prepare can be found on Jennifer’s Hiring Guide & eCourse

Certification Center

Schedule your mock class with a live mentor. Applicant may choose which level(s) to certify for and perform multiple mock classes.

TESOL QUIZ & Documents

VIPKid prides itself on working with highly qualified teachers that meet the Chinese government requirements.

Upload proof of your Bachelors Degree (any Field)

Upload teaching certificates (if any)

Complete the free TESOL quiz if not already certified

you did it!

Congratulations! You are now a VIPKID teacher!

You are welcome to set up your schedule and start teaching adorable students. Don’t forget to sign up for workshops! Workshops are full of great tips and tricks for understanding the VIPKid platform and classroom.